Utah ASLA Memorial Scholarship


The Utah ASLA Memorial Fund began with a donation by the family of Utah landscape architect Happ Young, in his memory.  The fund, established before the Utah Chapter of ASLA was split from the Rocky Mountain Chapter in the early 1970’s, was intended to grow and eventually provide scholarships for students, although much of it was in fact given to the ASLA Building Fund for the purchase of the national ASLA headquarters in Washington, DC. The fund was replenished in the 1980’s by a donation from Utah ASLA and Karsten Hansen, sometimes known as “The Father of Landscape Architecture in Utah.” After his death, the suggestion was made to name the fund after him, but in the end it was simply called the Memorial Fund, to honor the memory not just of Happ Young and Karsten Hansen, but of all the members of the Utah Chapter of ASLA who have passed away. The purpose of the fund was defined as providing visibility for the profession and benefits to the general community in Utah. The scholarship was established in 2012 for students in the LAEP Department at USU, with the first award granted in 2013.


Eligible students must be junior or a 1st or  2nd-year graduate student enrolled in the LAEP Department and must be student members of National ASLA and the LAEP Student Chapter of ASLA. The recipient will be selected by the faculty in spring semester on the basis of academic performance and demonstrated potential to provide visibility to the profession and benefits to the general community in Utah. Students will apply in STARS. The recipient will be announced at the Departmental Awards Banquet in April and the award will be applied to the student’s financial aid the following year.



2013 – Kim Cloward Drown, MLA, ’14

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